Kickapoo Tribe of Okahoma
Administration Department
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Community Outreach Programs

1-Traditional Travel Assistance
2-Lodging Assistance
3-Traditional Homes
We are here to serve the Kickapoo People,
Please contact Rori King for assistance.
Phone:405-964-4227 Fax:405-964-4228

Traditional Travel Assistance:
To assist Tribal Clan Leaders, Assistant Clan Leaders, Tribal Warriors and Tribal Members who are called on to prepare for conducting and participating in Tribal Ceremonials and Functions.
We also assist tribal members with travel assistance for funerals and family emergencies which may arise. All applicants will be reviewed by the business committee and tribal consultant.
Helping tribal members with lodging while attending ceremonial functions or to be with a family member during a medical crisis. All lodging is approved through the business committee at their discretion.

Traditional Home Assistance:
Help provide tribal members whom are traditional home owners with materials needed, food and fuel to aid all the individual who help with the building of the home.

The Community Outreach Program has provided travel assistance of various types, emergency assistance, lodging assistance and financial assistance to assist traditional home owners with the upkeep of their traditional homes in the past years.

Application must apply in person at the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Administration office. No applications will be accepted by fax, mail or another individual.