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About Us:
  • We the maintenance department are responsible for the maintenance and landscaping for all tribal administration building.
  • The maintenance department helps with grass cutting for tribal elders and assist with any kind of plumbing, heat and air, electrical, carpentry, woodcutting and other duties that are needed.
  • The maintenance department is also responsible for up-keeping of all tribal owned vehicles and also assist towing for tribal members vehicle that are in need of assistance.
  • The maintenance department is also assisting to build Tribal Traditional Home such as cutting for cattails, poles, and cook wood.
  • The maintenance department is also help providing for Tribal Ceremonies and Funerals with the supply of portable toilets, tables, chairs, and disposal of trash, and other function as needed.
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Crew Members:
  • Crew Group 1: 405-585-8073
  • Crew Group 2: 405-585-8075
  • Crew Group 3: 405-585-8084
  • Crew Group 4: 405-585-8079
  • House Keeping: 405-964-7657
  • Office Phone: 405-964-7657
  • Office Fax: 405-964-7311