Kickapoo Tribe of Okahoma
Day/Child Care Programs
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Community Child Care Center

10525 S. Hwy 102
P.O.Box 458
McLoud, OK 74851
Phone:405-964-2063 Fax:405-964-2106

General Rights and

Must report suspected abuse child by a child care provider to the department of Human services in that county or if on tribal land contact the Tribal Police.

Have the right to change provider upon giving a 10 day notice to the Care Development Fund Program.

Have a right to see any writen complaints that the Child Care Development fund Program has on file on concerning a provider.

Parents have the choice on the type of Child Care:

  • Center, group home and day care home thatare licensed by the State of Oklahoma.
  • In home care and family child care are family members only.
  • Parent should have unlimited access to their children while in any child care setting.
  • To Qualify for Child Care
  • Be a member of Kickapoo Tribe in the following: Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, Cleveland and Lincoln Counties or a member of Federally Recognized Tribe who lives in our area.
  • Both parents be working or in training and in need of child care services.
  • Have children with ages from 12 years to infant or with special needs under age of 18.
  • Meet eligibility requirements based on family size and income.
  • Must not be receiving another assistance from other Tribal CCDF programs or Department of Human Services.
  • Item to Bring when
    Applying for Assistance:
    1-CDIB card(s) for child(ren).
    2-Copy of original birth certficate for child(ren).
    3-Current immunizations for child(ren).
    4-Proof of household income: current checks stubs or statement of financial aid.
    5-Proof of residence: utility bill or copy of lease.
    6-Current class schedule (if attending a college, university or vo-tech).
    7-Court document of divorce/separate, marriage license.
    8-Common Law marriage needs to have their names on documents (Example: bank accounts/bills).
    9-Provider information (provider has forms to fill out).

    Once Approved:

    Provider will receive Provider Notice of Child Care Approval forms for each month to assist in paying the cost of child care. Forms must be signed by parents and providers. Forms must be turned in each month by the 1th of the month.
    The coordinator will do a home visit to the providers home to inspect every six months. Every applicant must reapply for services every 12 months and update file after 6 months and depending upon availability of funds, may be placed on a waiting list.